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How To Rescue a Ghost

In April, 2013 I was in Colorado visiting friends, Dave and Peggy, owners of Colorado Wolf Adventures.  Peggy received an urgent phone call regarding a high content wolf-dog named Ghost that was being held at the Humane Society in Colorado Springs.  Ghost had been relinquished two weeks earlier by his owners as they we unable to contain Ghost. Due to the breed of this animal, he was unadoptable and a special placement was necessary.  If a suitable home could not be found soon, his time would run out.  Ghost would require an experienced handler and special enclosure.  After Peggy, Dave and I first observed Ghost and took him out for a walk, it was evident he would be a perfect addition to the Colorado Wolf Adventures’ pack.  With no time to waste, Ghost was taken to his new home.

With Peggy’s experience, patience and insight from working with these animals, Ghost was successfully introduced to the pack…Kalani, Waya and Kiowa.

As the saying goes, timing is everything.  Thankfully, this imminent rescue took place!  And because of Ghost’s wonderful personality, he is now part of educational wolf programs given by Colorado Wolf Adventures. 

Thank you, Peggy and Dave, for all of your hard work and tireless efforts in rescuing, caring for and educating the public of the importance of these beautiful animals.

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Nathaniel - Stevie - Juanita

I met this wonderful family in October, 2012 for a photo-shoot.  Nathaniel (19) and Stevie (24) are brothers.  As their mother, Juanita explained, both have been diagnosed with a very rare, degenerative, neuo-muscular disorder called Ataxia-Telangiectasia (A-T for short) and are prone to infections and diabetes.  Life expectancy is variable; their mother was told 12 years of which both have thankfully exceeded.

This family had previously met Peggy of Colorado Wolf Adventures and one of her wolves named Kiowa.  Kiowa took immediately to Nathaniel and Stevie and a friendship ensued. 

Nathaniel, who will be graduating from high school in 2013, wanted his senior pictures taken with his new found friend, Kiowa.  Mom was up for this unique challenge. Being a Native American, Juanita used the skills her Cherokee Grandmother taught her to sew and bead incredible leather vests for her boys.  Now picture in your mind a merry band consisting of a wolf and his handler, a photographer, two boys in their Native American dress and their mother, all headed out into the wilds of the Garden of the Gods in Colorado. I need to make mention that since this wasn’t a wheelchair accessible location, mom, as she often does, took turns carrying each of the boys on her back in an effort to find just the right spot for the photo-shoot.

At the end of the day I thought about all the extraordinary trials this family has had to endure but one would have never known it by witnessing their relentless smiles, determination and wonderful spirit!  I felt very connected in so many ways and thankful to be a part of this bright and beautiful day!  A Colorado Wolf Adventure!